What You Need to Know About Creating a Living Trust

living trust

What You Need to Know About Creating a Living Trust Table of Contents A living trust is a legal document that allows you to dictate how your assets will be managed and distributed during your lifetime and after your death. This article will provide you with the essential information you need to know about creating […]

Estate Planning: Not Just a Wealthy Affair

family estate planning

Why Everyone Needs Estate Planning: It’s Not Just for the Wealthy Table of Contents Estate planning is often misunderstood as a privilege reserved solely for the uber-wealthy. We see it in movies, we hear it on the news; a wealthy industrialist or celebrity devising their estate plan. It can create the impression that estate planning […]

Avoidable Problems After Death: When a Spouse Dies Without a Will

house and property division

Avoidable Problems After Death: My house is owned by my spouse’s children from a different marriage Table of Contents Understanding Property Division in Texas When a Spouse Dies Intestate The grief and turmoil that comes from losing a spouse are indescribable. The emotions involved can be overwhelming. And when such an unfortunate event is combined […]

Important Estate Planning Documents Parents Need When Children turn 18

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Important Estate Planning Documents for Parents as Children Turn 18 Estate Planning is not only something you need as a parent. It’s a wonderful event in a parent’s life when their children turn 18. At this stage in a child’s life, your child is graduating from high school, planning for college or their career, and […]